Astuces sur les Filtres (Anglais seulement)
1| or  OR Logical "or" (Vertical bar). Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the bar
2 &&  or  AND Logical "and". Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the operator.
3/\d/Add any regex to the query to use in the query ("mig" flags can be included /\w/mig)
4< <= >= >Find alphabetical or numerical values less than or greater than or equal to the filtered query
5! or !=Not operator, or not exactly match. Filter the column with content that do not match the query. Include an equal (=), single (') or double quote (") to exactly not match a filter.
6" or =To exactly match the search query, add a quote, apostrophe or equal sign to the beginning and/or end of the query
7 -  or  to Find a range of values. Make sure there is a space before and after the dash (or the word "to")
8?Wildcard for a single, non-space character.
8*Wildcard for zero or more non-space characters.
9~Perform a fuzzy search (matches sequential characters) by adding a tilde to the beginning of the query
10textAny text entered in the filter will match text found within the column
Éspoir Nom de l'ÉquipeAnnée de Repêchage Choix Total Information Lien
Connor IngramCOLORADO Avalanche2836
Egor AfanasyevVEGAS Golden Knights3351
Aapeli RasanenNASHVILLE Predators2792
Aarne TalvitieNEW YORK Islanders33127
Aaron HuglenARIZONA Coyotes33104
Aaron LuchukCHICAGO Blackhawks31110
Adam BeckmanVEGAS Golden Knights3368
Adam FoxCOLORADO Avalanche2828
Adam GinningST-LOUIS Blues3148
Adam HuskaANAHEIM Ducks2844
Adam JanosikST-LOUIS Blues
Adam JohnsonWASHINGTON Capitals29100
Adam RuzickaMONTREAL Canadiens2970
Ahti Oksanen OTTAWA Senators2461
Aidan DudasMINNESOTA Wild31132
Akil ThomasCHICAGO Blackhawks3128
Al MontoyaNEW JERSEY Devils
Albert JohanssonCOLORADO Avalanche3375
Albin ErikssonST-LOUIS Blues3163
Albin GreweANAHEIM Ducks3371
Alec RegulaARIZONA Coyotes3175
Aleksi HeponiemiOTTAWA Senators2947
Ales StezkaNEW JERSEY Devils2593
Alex Barré-BouletCHICAGO Blackhawks2659
Alex BeaucageCHICAGO Blackhawks3344
Alex BroadhurstANAHEIM Ducks
Alex CottonARIZONA Coyotes
Alex DostieVANCOUVER Canucks2751
Alex KileCAROLINA Huricanes2795
Alex LaferriereTORONTO Maple Leafs
Alex LimogesMONTREAL Canadiens33161
Alex LintuniemiVANCOUVER Canucks
Alex NedeljkovicANAHEIM Ducks2324
Alex NewhookMONTREAL Canadiens3318
Alex PlanteMINNESOTA Wild
Alex SchoenbornNEW JERSEY Devils
Alex TurcotteWASHINGTON Capitals334
Alex VlasicTAMPA BAY Lightning3340
Alexander BarabanovARIZONA Coyotes
Alexander CampbellBOSTON Bruins3366
Alexander DergachyovCOLORADO Avalanche2634
Alexander HoltzEDMONTON Oilers
Alexander KhokhlachevST-LOUIS Blues
Alexander KhovanovNEW YORK Islanders3170
Alexander NikishinWINNIPEG Jets
Alexander PashinWINNIPEG Jets
Alexander RomanovTORONTO Maple Leafs3156
Alexandre BelangerCAROLINA Huricanes
Alexandre MalletNEW JERSEY Devils
Alexei LipanovST-LOUIS Blues2953
Alexei MelnichukVANCOUVER Canucks
Alexei ToropchenkoWASHINGTON Capitals2991
Alexis GravelPHILADELPHIA Flyers31141
Alexis LafrenièreCHICAGO Blackhawks
Alexis PepinPITTSBURGH Penguins2460
Aliaksei ProtasARIZONA Coyotes33117
Allan McShaneCHICAGO Blackhawks3172
Anatoly GolyshevNEW YORK Rangers2729
Anders LindbackWASHINGTON Capitals
Andrei AltybarmakyanVANCOUVER Canucks29101
Andrei MironovNEW YORK Rangers
Andrew AlbertsANAHEIM Ducks
Andrew FritschBOSTON Bruins
Andrew NielsonVANCOUVER Canucks2541
Angus CrookshankWASHINGTON Capitals31102
Anthony BrodeurVANCOUVER Canucks
Antoine WakedNEW YORK Rangers29118
Anton AnderssonTORONTO Maple Leafs
Anton BurdasovLOS ANGELES Kings33162
Anton JohannessonBOSTON Bruins
Anton LundellBOSTON Bruins
Antonio StrangesVEGAS Golden Knights
Antti SaarelaARIZONA Coyotes33118
Antti SuomelaWASHINGTON Capitals3176
Antti TuomistoVEGAS Golden Knights3346
Anttoni HonkaARIZONA Coyotes3376
Arnaud DurandeauARIZONA Coyotes29157
Arseny GritsyukNEW YORK Rangers3392
Artemi KniazevVEGAS Golden Knights3363
Arthur KaliyevARIZONA Coyotes3321
Artur KayumovEDMONTON Oilers2826
Arturs SilovsPHILADELPHIA Flyers
Artyom ZubLOS ANGELES Kings
Arvid HenriksonTORONTO Maple Leafs2768
Arvid HolmVEGAS Golden Knights29153
Austin WagnerWASHINGTON Capitals2587
Axel AnderssonMINNESOTA Wild3157
Axel HolmstromCHICAGO Blackhawks
Axel Jonsson-FjallbyCALGARY Flames31146
Barett HaytonCALGARY Flames3110
Beau StarrettVANCOUVER Canucks2463
Ben DuffyVANCOUVER Canucks21102
Ben JonesARIZONA Coyotes31159
Ben MirageasBOSTON Bruins29117
Ben ThomasWINNIPEG Jets2490
Benjamin FinkelsteinNASHVILLE Predators31122
Benoit-Olivier GroulxNEW JERSEY Devils3146
Blake BiondiNEW YORK Islanders
Blake McLaughlinNASHVILLE Predators3159
Blake MurrayNEW JERSEY Devils
Blake SiebenalerVANCOUVER Canucks2346
Blake SpeersANAHEIM Ducks2540
Bobby BrinkST-LOUIS Blues3334
Bobo CarpenterMONTREAL Canadiens33172
Bode WildeNEW YORK Islanders3121
Bogdan KiselevichOTTAWA Senators
Bogdan YakimovEDMONTON Oilers2136
Borck FaberCHICAGO Blackhawks
Boris KatchoukWINNIPEG Jets2825
Bowen ByramTORONTO Maple Leafs333
Brad MorrissonCAROLINA Huricanes2562
Braden SchneiderTORONTO Maple Leafs
Brady GilmourBOSTON Bruins
Brady KeeperNEW YORK Rangers33131
Brake BathersonOTTAWA Senators29103
Branden BrissonOTTAWA Senators
Brandon CoePHILADELPHIA Flyers
Brandon DuhaimeBOSTON Bruins28101
Brandon FortunatoCHICAGO Blackhawks
Brandon KozunCOLORADO Avalanche
Brandon KruseMONTREAL Canadiens33170
Brandon SaigeonNEW YORK Rangers31144
Brayden TraceyVEGAS Golden Knights3328
Brendan BurkeNEW JERSEY Devils2176
Brendan WarrenNEW JERSEY Devils2557
Brennan MenellCOLORADO Avalanche31129
Brett BerardWASHINGTON Capitals
Brett LeasonWASHINGTON Capitals3347
Brett PollockWASHINGTON Capitals2319
Brian FerlinNASHVILLE Predators
Brinson PasichnukARIZONA Coyotes
Brogan RaffertyWASHINGTON Capitals
Brooks MacekCAROLINA Huricanes
Bryce MisleyVANCOUVER Canucks29135
Bulat ShafigullinVEGAS Golden Knights3171
C.J. SmithNEW YORK Rangers31170
Cal PetersenNASHVILLE Predators23103
Calen AddisonWASHINGTON Capitals3144
Calle ClangNEW YORK Rangers
Cam DineenMONTREAL Canadiens2831
Cam HillisMONTREAL Canadiens3150
Cam SchillingOTTAWA Senators2049
Cam YorkMONTREAL Canadiens3317
Cameron CrottyST-LOUIS Blues29130
Cameron HughesOTTAWA Senators2590
Cameron MorrisonNEW YORK Rangers2839
Carson BantlePITTSBURGH Penguins3793
Carter BergerVEGAS Golden Knights33113
Carter SavoieARIZONA Coyotes
Casey BaileyOTTAWA Senators2564
Casey DeSmithNEW YORK Rangers31118
Chase PriskieWINNIPEG Jets33130
Chaz ReddekoppCAROLINA Huricanes2693
Christian WolaninCOLORADO Avalanche3178
Christophe LalancetteNEW JERSEY Devils
Christopher ClappertonVANCOUVER Canucks2264
Clark BishopNASHVILLE Predators2488
Clayton PhillipsWINNIPEG Jets29139
Cliff PuWASHINGTON Capitals2727
Colby AmbrosioVEGAS Golden Knights
Colby ArmstrongMINNESOTA Wild
Cole CaufieldEDMONTON Oilers337
Cole FonstadWINNIPEG Jets31112
Cole HultsMONTREAL Canadiens
Cole PerfettiPITTSBURGH Penguins3711
Cole schwindtBOSTON Bruins3369
Collin AdamsBOSTON Bruins2886
Colten EllisBOSTON Bruins3358
Conner BleackleyANAHEIM Ducks2316
Connor DewarCHICAGO Blackhawks31109
Connor HobbsCHICAGO Blackhawks2599
Connor HurleyANAHEIM Ducks2237
Connor MackeyMONTREAL Canadiens
Connor McClennonNEW YORK Rangers
Connor McmichaelNEW YORK Islanders3331
Connor ZaryTAMPA BAY Lightning
Conor TimminsOTTAWA Senators2929
Croix EvingsonPHILADELPHIA Flyers29145
Cross HanasVEGAS Golden Knights
Curtis DouglasMONTREAL Canadiens31138
Curtis HallMONTREAL Canadiens31177
Cédric ParéNEW JERSEY Devils29184
DArtagnan JolyVEGAS Golden Knights29176
Daemon HuntMONTREAL Canadiens
Damien RiatARIZONA Coyotes2791
Daniel AltshullerNEW JERSEY Devils
Daniel TorgerssonARIZONA Coyotes
Daniel YurtaikinNEW YORK Rangers33150
Daniil ChechelevVEGAS Golden Knights
Daniil GushchinARIZONA Coyotes
Daniil MisyulCOLORADO Avalanche3393
Daniil TarasovWINNIPEG Jets29131
Danila ZhuravlyovCOLORADO Avalanche31186
Dante SalituroWASHINGTON Capitals2737
Darren RaddyshNEW YORK Rangers2966
David BernhardtMONTREAL Canadiens2862
David CottonVEGAS Golden Knights2591
David FarranceTORONTO Maple Leafs29
David GustafssonNEW YORK Rangers3154
David MossMINNESOTA Wild
David NoelCHICAGO Blackhawks2994
Dawson BarteauxCAROLINA Huricanes31157
Dawson MercerNEW JERSEY Devils
Demetrios KoumontzisVANCOUVER Canucks31175
Denis GilbertNEW YORK Rangers2571
Denis SminovTORONTO Maple Leafs
Dennis BusbyCOLORADO Avalanche31135
Dennis EverbergCOLORADO Avalanche
Dennis YanNEW YORK Rangers2631
Devante StephensNEW JERSEY Devils2684
Devon LeviCOLORADO Avalanche
Dillon HamaliukVEGAS Golden Knights3354
Dimitry SokolovNEW YORK Islanders2845
Dmitri OvchinnikovARIZONA Coyotes
Dmitri VoronkovARIZONA Coyotes
Dmitri ZhukenovVEGAS Golden Knights2649
Dmitri ZlodeyevCOLORADO Avalanche
Dmitrij JaskinCOLORADO Avalanche
Dmitry SemykinBOSTON Bruins31113
Domenick FensoreWASHINGTON Capitals33153
Dominic BassePHILADELPHIA Flyers33166
Dominik BokkDETROIT Red Wings3120
Donovan SebrangoVEGAS Golden Knights
Drew CommessoNEW YORK Islanders
Drew HellesonEDMONTON Oilers3342
Drew O'ConnorNEW YORK Rangers
Dustin ByfuglienCALGARY Flames
Dustin WolfWASHINGTON Capitals33129
Dustyn McFaulNEW JERSEY Devils31184
Dylan BlujusNEW YORK Rangers
Dylan CozensBOSTON Bruins336
Dylan GarandNEW YORK Islanders
Dylan HollowayEDMONTON Oilers
Dylan PetersonTORONTO Maple Leafs
Dylan SambergCOLORADO Avalanche2972
Dysin MayoWASHINGTON Capitals2355
Eamon PowellVEGAS Golden Knights
Eemeli RasanenVEGAS Golden Knights2951
Eemil ViroARIZONA Coyotes
Eetu LuostarinenCHICAGO Blackhawks2954
Eetu MakiniemiPHILADELPHIA Flyers29136
Eetu TuulolaNEW YORK Islanders2892
Egor SerdyukOTTAWA Senators3388
Elliot DesnoyersBOSTON Bruins
Emil AndraeWINNIPEG Jets
Emil HeinemanARIZONA Coyotes
Emil LarmiBOSTON Bruins33143
Emil PetterssonCOLORADO Avalanche
Eric FehrNEW JERSEY Devils
Eric HjorthANAHEIM Ducks33102
Eric RobinsonNEW YORK Rangers
Eric RoyNEW YORK Rangers2168
Erik BrannstromCALGARY Flames2920
Erik FoleyVEGAS Golden Knights2642
Erik KnodelEDMONTON Oilers
Erik NystromTORONTO Maple Leafs2087
Erik PortilloARIZONA Coyotes33106
Erik Walli-WalterholmPHILADELPHIA Flyers29160
Ethan KeppenCOLORADO Avalanche33148
Ethan WerekNEW YORK Rangers
Evan BarrattVEGAS Golden Knights28100
Evan CowleyPHILADELPHIA Flyers
Evan FitzpatrickMINNESOTA Wild2732
Evan VierlingNEW JERSEY Devils
Evan VierlingNEW YORK Islanders
Filip BerglundVANCOUVER Canucks2754
Filip HallanderCALGARY Flames3147
Filip JohanssonCALGARY Flames3138
Filip KralNEW JERSEY Devils31120
Filip LarssonNASHVILLE Predators31133
Filip WesterlundST-LOUIS Blues2979
Francis PerronWASHINGTON Capitals2671
Francois BrassardNEW JERSEY Devils2063
Frederik Dichow NissenPHILADELPHIA Flyers33168
Fredrik BergvikNASHVILLE Predators21106
Fredrik KarlstromVEGAS Golden Knights2850
Fredrik OlofssonANAHEIM Ducks2467
Frédéric AllardNASHVILLE Predators2827
Félix BibeauWINNIPEG Jets33163
Gabriel FortierCHICAGO Blackhawks3169
Gage GoncalvesNEW YORK Rangers
Gianni FairbrotherANAHEIM Ducks3360
Giorgio EstephanCAROLINA Huricanes2668
Graeme ClarkeNEW YORK Islanders3389
Grant MismashTORONTO Maple Leafs2952
Greg ChaseMINNESOTA Wild
Greg MeirelesNEW JERSEY Devils
Grigori DenisenkoST-LOUIS Blues3124
Hardy Haman AktellCOLORADO Avalanche2851
Harri SateriCAROLINA Huricanes
Harrison BlaisdellNASHVILLE Predators33136
Hayden HawkeyWINNIPEG Jets2358
Helge GransVEGAS Golden Knights
Hendrix LapierreOTTAWA Senators
Henri NikkanenTAMPA BAY Lightning33126
Henry ThrunNEW YORK Islanders33171
Hugh McGingOTTAWA Senators31164
Hugo AlnefeltVEGAS Golden Knights33111
Hunter JonesCALGARY Flames3350
Hunter ShinkarukNEW YORK Islanders228
Ian MitchellMONTREAL Canadiens2961
Ian MooreVEGAS Golden Knights
Ian ScottCOLORADO Avalanche2998
Igor RykovEDMONTON Oilers2842
Igor ShesterkinPHILADELPHIA Flyers2438
Igor ShvyrevCOLORADO Avalanche2884
Ilya KonovalovEDMONTON Oilers3379
Ilya NikolaevANAHEIM Ducks3383
Ilya SamsonovANAHEIM Ducks2613
Ilya SorokinWASHINGTON Capitals2449
Isac LundestromCHICAGO Blackhawks3125
Isaiah SavillePHILADELPHIA Flyers33141
Ivan KorosenkovMONTREAL Canadiens28104
Ivan LodniaVEGAS Golden Knights2959
Ivan MorozovCOLORADO Avalanche3180
Ivan ProsvetovPHILADELPHIA Flyers
Ivan TeleginVANCOUVER Canucks
J.J. PiccinichNEW YORK Rangers2375
Jachym KondelikMONTREAL Canadiens31173
Jack AdamsMONTREAL Canadiens29169
Jack AhcanARIZONA Coyotes
Jack BadiniDETROIT Red Wings29105
Jack DoughertyNASHVILLE Predators2320
Jack DruryBOSTON Bruins3141
Jack DuganMONTREAL Canadiens
Jack FinleyBOSTON Bruins
Jack GloverNEW JERSEY Devils2337
Jack GorniakST-LOUIS Blues31154
Jack HughesST-LOUIS Blues331
Jack LafontaineVEGAS Golden Knights2767
Jack PerbixVANCOUVER Canucks33156
Jack QuinnWASHINGTON Capitals
Jack SmithVEGAS Golden Knights
Jack ThompsonCOLORADO Avalanche
Jack WiseCOLORADO Avalanche3142
Jackson HallumVEGAS Golden Knights
Jackson HouckMINNESOTA Wild
Jackson KunzTORONTO Maple Leafs
Jackson LaCombeWASHINGTON Capitals3348
Jacob Bernard-DockerCHICAGO Blackhawks3139
Jacob BrysonWINNIPEG Jets29165
Jacob CederholmCALGARY Flames2748
Jacob FriendCAROLINA Huricanes2885
Jacob InghamMONTREAL Canadiens
Jacob LeguerrierNASHVILLE Predators33110
Jacob MoverareMONTREAL Canadiens2854
Jacob OlofssonMONTREAL Canadiens3137
Jacob PerraultTAMPA BAY Lightning
Jacob PetersonST-LOUIS Blues29182
Jacob PivonkaEDMONTON Oilers31149
Jacob RagnarssonANAHEIM Ducks3192
Jake BishoffNEW YORK Rangers33176
Jake ChristiansenOTTAWA Senators
Jake ElmerVEGAS Golden Knights3380
Jake KiellyNEW YORK Rangers33164
Jake KupskyPHILADELPHIA Flyers2576
Jake LeschyshynWASHINGTON Capitals2957
Jake McBainNASHVILLE Predators3153
Jake NeighboursWINNIPEG Jets
Jake OettingerBOSTON Bruins2923
Jake RathboneST-LOUIS Blues29156
Jake SandersonWINNIPEG Jets
Jakob PelletierEDMONTON Oilers3311
Jakub DobesVEGAS Golden Knights
Jakub LaukoNEW YORK Islanders3186
Jakub ZborilVANCOUVER Canucks259
James J.D. GreenwayMINNESOTA Wild2858
Jamie DrysdaleWASHINGTON Capitals
Jan BednarVEGAS Golden Knights
Jan JenikDETROIT Red Wings3187
Jan KovarNEW YORK Rangers29144
Jan MysakWINNIPEG Jets
Jared McIsaacPITTSBURGH Penguins3143
Jaromir PitlickANAHEIM Ducks
Jarret TyszkaVANCOUVER Canucks29147
Jarrod MaidensANAHEIM Ducks2078
Jasper WeatherbyTORONTO Maple Leafs31134
Jay O'BrienANAHEIM Ducks3135
Jayden StrubleTAMPA BAY Lightning3337
Jean-Luc FoudyNEW YORK Islanders
Jean-christophe BeaudinNEW YORK Rangers2554
Jeffrey Truchon-vielDETROIT Red Wings33145
Jens LookeCHICAGO Blackhawks2561
Jeremias LindewallPITTSBURGH Penguins37136
Jeremy DaviesCHICAGO Blackhawks3391
Jeremy GregoireCHICAGO Blackhawks
Jeremy HelvigBOSTON Bruins2879
Jeremy McKennaDETROIT Red Wings33182
Jeremy PoirierOTTAWA Senators
Jeremy SwaymanVANCOUVER Canucks29151
Jesper EliassonEDMONTON Oilers31124
Jesse GabrielleMONTREAL Canadiens2664
Jesse YlonenANAHEIM Ducks3133
Jett WooBOSTON Bruins3151
Jiri PateraPHILADELPHIA Flyers29171
Joacim ErikssonANAHEIM Ducks
Joe MorrowTORONTO Maple Leafs
Joe SnivelyOTTAWA Senators
Joel BlomqvistCOLORADO Avalanche
Joel FarabeeEDMONTON Oilers3113
Joel HoferMINNESOTA Wild31161
Joel KellmanNEW YORK Rangers29170
Joey HishonMINNESOTA Wild
Joey LaleggiaNEW YORK Rangers1991
Johannes KinvallCALGARY Flames
John BeecherBOSTON Bruins3332
John FarinacciARIZONA Coyotes3397
John Jason PeterkaARIZONA Coyotes
John LeonardMONTREAL Canadiens
John LudvigTORONTO Maple Leafs33159
John St.IvanyARIZONA Coyotes31178
Johnathan MacLeodNEW YORK Rangers2349
Jonah GadjovichEDMONTON Oilers2948
Jonas RondbjergLOS ANGELES Kings2988
Jonatan BerggrenST-LOUIS Blues3129
Jonathan AngNEW YORK Islanders2840
Jonathan DahlenOTTAWA Senators2824
Jonathan DavidssonWASHINGTON Capitals31114
Jonathan GrudenST-LOUIS Blues31103
Jonathan TychonickWINNIPEG Jets3149
Joni IkonenMONTREAL Canadiens2927
Joni JurmoTORONTO Maple Leafs
Joni TuulolaCOLORADO Avalanche31158
Jordan BelleriveNEW YORK Islanders3190
Jordan HarrisMONTREAL Canadiens3196
Jordan SambrookST-LOUIS Blues2764
Jordan SpenceCOLORADO Avalanche3384
Jordan StallardVANCOUVER Canucks2786
Joren Van PottelbergheVEGAS Golden Knights2694
Joseph CecconiCOLORADO Avalanche29177
Joseph WollMINNESOTA Wild2833
Josh BrookBOSTON Bruins2949
Josh ManiscalcoMONTREAL Canadiens
Josh WilkinsMONTREAL Canadiens33147
Joshua JacobsPITTSBURGH Penguins2441
Joël TeasdaleCHICAGO Blackhawks31169
Judd CaulfieldARIZONA Coyotes
Juho LammikkoANAHEIM Ducks2348
Juho MarkkanenVEGAS Golden Knights
Julius BergmanTORONTO Maple Leafs
Julius NattinenTORONTO Maple Leafs2526
Justin AlmeidaCHICAGO Blackhawks31104
Justin AugerST-LOUIS Blues
Justin BarronCHICAGO Blackhawks
Justin SourdifVEGAS Golden Knights
Justus AnnunenNEW YORK Islanders3195
K'Andre MillerTAMPA BAY Lightning3116
Kaiden GuhleMINNESOTA Wild
Kailer YamamotoEDMONTON Oilers2921
Karl HenrikssonTORONTO Maple Leafs3355
Kasper BjorkqvistNASHVILLE Predators2738
Kasper KotkansaloVANCOUVER Canucks2993
Kasper SimontaivalARIZONA Coyotes
Keadan KorczakNEW YORK Islanders3349
Keaton ThompsonPITTSBURGH Penguins2157
Keith PetruzzelliARIZONA Coyotes2977
Kelly SummersPITTSBURGH Penguins23107
Ken ApplebyVANCOUVER Canucks29132
Kent PattersonMINNESOTA Wild
Kevin BahlEDMONTON Oilers3160
Kevin MandolesePHILADELPHIA Flyers31137
Kim NousiainenCHICAGO Blackhawks
Kirill KaprizovANAHEIM Ducks2555
Kirill MaksimovWASHINGTON Capitals3162
Kirill UstimenkoPHILADELPHIA Flyers2956
Kody ClarkMONTREAL Canadiens3189
Kristian OldhamWINNIPEG Jets2580
Kyle KeyserWASHINGTON Capitals3399
Kyle OlsonVANCOUVER Canucks29149
Kyle PlatzerNASHVILLE Predators2482
Kyrill MarchenkoCOLORADO Avalanche3145
Landon SlaggertVEGAS Golden Knights
Lane ZablockiDETROIT Red Wings2971
Lassi ThomsonOTTAWA Senators3325
Layton AhacMONTREAL Canadiens3395
Leevi AaltonenARIZONA Coyotes33119
Leland IrvingANAHEIM Ducks
Lenni KillinenCHICAGO Blackhawks31150
Liam FoudyCHICAGO Blackhawks3126
Liam HawelVEGAS Golden Knights29163
Libor HajekCOLORADO Avalanche2724
Linus ArnessonNEW JERSEY Devils2239
Linus KarlssonPITTSBURGH Penguins31105
Linus LindstromANAHEIM Ducks2870
Linus NassenANAHEIM Ducks2789
Linus SandinLOS ANGELES Kings
Linus SoderstromPHILADELPHIA Flyers2372
Logan HutskoARIZONA Coyotes3194
Louis BelpedioPITTSBURGH Penguins29167
Lucas JohansenWASHINGTON Capitals2820
Lucas RaymondTAMPA BAY Lightning
Luck TuchMONTREAL Canadiens
Ludwig BystromCOLORADO Avalanche
Lukas CormierDETROIT Red Wings
Lukas DostalEDMONTON Oilers3198
Lukas EvangelistaOTTAWA Senators
Lukas ParikTORONTO Maple Leafs33133
Lukas ReichelNASHVILLE Predators
Luke GreenBOSTON Bruins2750
Luke HenmanBOSTON Bruins31131
Luke MartinTORONTO Maple Leafs2960
Luke ProkopNEW YORK Islanders
Luke StevensNEW YORK Rangers2675
Luke TuchMONTREAL Canadiens34
Mac HollowellPHILADELPHIA Flyers31167
MacKenzie MacEachernANAHEIM Ducks
Mackenzie EatwhistleNEW YORK Islanders2997
Mads SogaardOTTAWA Senators3345
Magnus ChronaPHILADELPHIA Flyers
Magnus PaajarviCOLORADO Avalanche
Malte ZetkovMINNESOTA Wild2990
Marat KhusnutdinovARIZONA Coyotes
Marc Del GaizoCHICAGO Blackhawks
Marc MichaelisWASHINGTON Capitals
Marco RossiTORONTO Maple Leafs
Marcus Davidson CALGARY Flames2944
Marcus KarlbergPITTSBURGH Penguins3197
Marcus VelaBOSTON Bruins2681
Mark FraserMINNESOTA Wild
Mark KastelicNEW JERSEY Devils
Markus KrugerWINNIPEG Jets
Markus NiemelainenDETROIT Red Wings2743
Markus PhillipsMONTREAL Canadiens2973
Marshall WarrenCOLORADO Avalanche33120
Martin ChromiakWASHINGTON Capitals
Martin DzierkalNEW YORK Rangers
Martin Hugo HasPHILADELPHIA Flyers33184
Martin KautCOLORADO Avalanche3122
Mason LangenbrunnerNEW YORK Rangers
Mason LohreiMINNESOTA Wild
Mason McDonaldNEW JERSEY Devils2429
Mason MillmanPHILADELPHIA Flyers33167
Mason ShawCHICAGO Blackhawks2968
Matej PekarNASHVILLE Predators31107
Matej TomekCOLORADO Avalanche2660
Mathew RobertsonNEW JERSEY Devils3343
Mathias BromeLOS ANGELES Kings
Mathias Emilio PettersenARIZONA Coyotes
Mathias FromCALGARY Flames2757
Matias MaccelliARIZONA Coyotes33128
Matt FilipeVEGAS Golden Knights2741
Matt O'ConnorEDMONTON Oilers2521
Matt SchmalzVEGAS Golden Knights2674
Matt VillaltaWINNIPEG Jets29127
Matteson IacopelliST-LOUIS Blues2332
Matthew BoldyEDMONTON Oilers3310
Matthew BradleyVEGAS Golden Knights2578
Matthew CairnsBOSTON Bruins2864
Matthew McLeodLOS ANGELES Kings31172
Matthew SpencerNEW YORK Rangers2628
Matthew StiendburgWASHINGTON Capitals3394
Matthew StromeNEW YORK Islanders2969
Mattias NorlinderTORONTO Maple Leafs3381
Mattias SamuelssonNEW YORK Rangers3152
Mavrick BourqueANAHEIM Ducks
Max GardinerANAHEIM Ducks
Max GildonMONTREAL Canadiens2975
Max ReinhartMINNESOTA Wild
Max ZimmerBOSTON Bruins28100
Maxim CajkovicWASHINGTON Capitals3385
Maxim ChudinovTORONTO Maple Leafs
Maxim GoncharovANAHEIM Ducks
Maxim GroshevARIZONA Coyotes
Maxim MaminWASHINGTON Capitals2893
Maxim ZhukovPHILADELPHIA Flyers29134
Maximilian VeronneauOTTAWA Senators31174
Merrick MadsenNASHVILLE Predators29133
Michael AnderssonANAHEIM Ducks29154
Michael BenningWINNIPEG Jets
Michael BrodzinskiCAROLINA Huricanes
Michael BuntingNEW YORK Rangers23101
Michael DowningANAHEIM Ducks2181
Michael GarteigOTTAWA Senators2785
Michael LindqvistCHICAGO Blackhawks31171
Michael McKeeEDMONTON Oilers2062
Michael McNivenWINNIPEG Jets2784
Michael SpacekNASHVILLE Predators2648
Michael VukojevicTORONTO Maple Leafs33107
Michal TeplyARIZONA Coyotes3395
Mikael GrigorenkoCOLORADO Avalanche
Mikael HakkarainenNASHVILLE Predators31176
Mikael WikstrandCALGARY Flames2035
Mike DipietroWINNIPEG Jets2940
Mike McCarronNASHVILLE Predators219
Mikhael maltsevCALGARY Flames2871
Mikhail ShalaginWASHINGTON Capitals33125
Mikhail VorobyovANAHEIM Ducks2691
Mikhail abramovCAROLINA Huricanes3387
Mikko KokkonenARIZONA Coyotes3382
Mikko LehtonenWASHINGTON Capitals
Miles GendronOTTAWA Senators2495
Milos RomanNEW YORK Islanders31152
Miro AaltonenOTTAWA Senators
Mitch ReinkeCHICAGO Blackhawks33169
Mitchell ChaffeeMONTREAL Canadiens
Mitchell GibsonPHILADELPHIA Flyers31140
Mitchell MattsonVEGAS Golden Knights2876
Mitchell Vande SompelWASHINGTON Capitals2641
Morgan BarronARIZONA Coyotes
Moritz SiederEDMONTON Oilers3313
Nail YakupovTORONTO Maple Leafs
Nando EggenbergerMONTREAL Canadiens31126
Nathan HortonANAHEIM Ducks
Nathan LégaréCHICAGO Blackhawks3339
Nathan NoelNEW YORK Rangers2755
Nathan SmithVEGAS Golden Knights31111
Nicholas BaptisteWASHINGTON Capitals2147
Nicholas RobertsonNEW YORK Islanders3245
Nick AbruzzeseMONTREAL Canadiens33181
Nick BokaCOLORADO Avalanche2695
Nick EllisCALGARY Flames
Nick HalloranOTTAWA Senators31116
Nick LappinWASHINGTON Capitals2787
Nick PerbixVANCOUVER Canucks33146
Nicklas JensenOTTAWA Senators
Nico GrossMONTREAL Canadiens31130
Nico SturmNEW YORK Rangers3398
Nicolas DawsBOSTON Bruins
Nikita AlexandrovANAHEIM Ducks3357
Nikita GusevANAHEIM Ducks
Nikita KorostelevCAROLINA Huricanes2563
Nikita NesterovWASHINGTON Capitals
Nikita OkhotyukVEGAS Golden Knights3386
Nikita PopugaevMONTREAL Canadiens2955
Nikita ScherbakTORONTO Maple Leafs
Nikita TryamkinNEW YORK Islanders
Niklas LundstromVANCOUVER Canucks2039
Niklas NordgrenCOLORADO Avalanche3173
Nikolai KovalenkoMONTREAL Canadiens
Nikolay GoldobinMONTREAL Canadiens
Nils HöglanderARIZONA Coyotes3335
Nils LundkvistTAMPA BAY Lightning3131
Noah CatesST-LOUIS Blues29183
Noel GunlerST-LOUIS Blues
Noel HoefenmayerTORONTO Maple Leafs
Nolan footeDETROIT Red Wings3323
Oleg SosunovPITTSBURGH Penguins2877
Oliver WahlstromWINNIPEG Jets316
Olivier GalipeauCHICAGO Blackhawks31143
Olivier LeblancNASHVILLE Predators2770
Olivier RodrigueANAHEIM Ducks3166
Olivier TarnstromPITTSBURGH Penguins3720
Oliwer KaskiWASHINGTON Capitals3373
Olle Eriksson-EkMINNESOTA Wild29109
Olof LindbomPITTSBURGH Penguins3168
Oskar BackWINNIPEG Jets3177
Oskar LindblomANAHEIM Ducks2441
Oskar SteenCHICAGO Blackhawks33105
Oskari LaaksonenVEGAS Golden Knights29137
Ostap SafinTORONTO Maple Leafs
Otto KivenmakiARIZONA Coyotes
Otto SomppiNASHVILLE Predators31148
Ozzy WiesblattNEW YORK Rangers
Pascal LabergeMONTREAL Canadiens2822
Patrick BajkovMONTREAL Canadiens2897
Patrick HarperCHICAGO Blackhawks2852
Patrick KhodorenkoMONTREAL Canadiens
Patrick MoynehanCOLORADO Avalanche33109
Patrick NewellWINNIPEG Jets33174
Patrick SieloffOTTAWA Senators2026
Patrik PuistolaTAMPA BAY Lightning3362
Paul CotterARIZONA Coyotes31183
Pavel DorofeyevCOLORADO Avalanche3361
Pavel KraskovskyNEW YORK Rangers2468
Pavel NovakBOSTON Bruins
Pavel ShenWASHINGTON Capitals33177
Payton KrebsNEW YORK Islanders3312
Petrus PalmuTORONTO Maple Leafs
Phil LaneNEW JERSEY Devils
Philip AhlST-LOUIS Blues2542
Philip TomasinoEDMONTON Oilers3327
Philipp KurachevNEW YORK Islanders31101
Phillip BrobergST-LOUIS Blues3314
Pius SuterWASHINGTON Capitals
Pyotr KochetkovANAHEIM Ducks3336
Quinn OlsonVEGAS Golden Knights33140
Quinton ByfieldVEGAS Golden Knights
Radovan BondraEDMONTON Oilers2550
Raphael LavoieTORONTO Maple Leafs3329
Rasmus KupariDETROIT Red Wings3118
Rasmus SandinCALGARY Flames3130
Reese NewkirkNEW JERSEY Devils
Reid DukeNASHVILLE Predators2762
Reilly WalshANAHEIM Ducks29128
Rhett PitlickARIZONA Coyotes33151
Richard NedomlelCHICAGO Blackhawks1994
Ridley GreigOTTAWA Senators
Riley DamianiNEW YORK Islanders33173
Riley StottsARIZONA Coyotes3161
Riley SutterCHICAGO Blackhawks31117
Robert MastrosimoneANAHEIM Ducks3359
Robin SaloST-LOUIS Blues2981
Roby JarventieARIZONA Coyotes
Roddy RossPHILADELPHIA Flyers33175
Rodion AmirovST-LOUIS Blues
Roman BychkovARIZONA Coyotes33185
Roman HorakVANCOUVER Canucks
Roman LyubimovWINNIPEG Jets
Ronald AttardNASHVILLE Predators3378
Ronan SeelyWASHINGTON Capitals
Roni HirvonenARIZONA Coyotes
Roope LaavainenPHILADELPHIA Flyers29175
Rourke ChartierST-LOUIS Blues
Ruslan IskhakovWASHINGTON Capitals3158
Ryan FrancisARIZONA Coyotes
Ryan JohnsonTAMPA BAY Lightning3333
Ryan JonesVEGAS Golden Knights2779
Ryan ManthaPITTSBURGH Penguins2458
Ryan MerkleyDETROIT Red Wings3127
Ryan MurphyTORONTO Maple Leafs
Ryan O'ReillyCAROLINA Huricanes31108
Ryan O'RoukeTAMPA BAY Lightning
Ryan SheaCHICAGO Blackhawks2588
Ryan SukuziNEW YORK Rangers3320
Ryan TesinkST-LOUIS Blues
Ryder DonovanCOLORADO Avalanche33114
Sam ColangeloPITTSBURGH Penguins3774
Sam StrangeNEW YORK Rangers
Sampo RantaWINNIPEG Jets3174
Samuel BolducWINNIPEG Jets3352
Samuel Dove-McFallsPITTSBURGH Penguins2658
Samuel ErssonNEW YORK Islanders33101
Samuel FagemoCHICAGO Blackhawks3365
Samuel HoudeWASHINGTON Capitals31179
Samuel JohannessonCOLORADO Avalanche
Samuel KnazkoVEGAS Golden Knights
Samuel PoulinWINNIPEG Jets3316
Samuel SjolundANAHEIM Ducks33108
Santeri VirtanenVEGAS Golden Knights29155
Sasha ChmlevskiNEW YORK Islanders29123
Sasha MulataNEW JERSEY Devils
Scott HannanMINNESOTA Wild
Scott PerunovichOTTAWA Senators3167
Scott ReedyCOLORADO Avalanche2992
Sean DurziMINNESOTA Wild3140
Sean FarrellTORONTO Maple Leafs
Sebastien RepoVEGAS Golden Knights29152
Semyon ChistyakovMONTREAL Canadiens33121
Semyon Der-ArguchintsevNEW YORK Rangers3193
Serron NoelMONTREAL Canadiens3117
Seth BartonVEGAS Golden Knights3185
Seth JarvisTAMPA BAY Lightning
Shakir MukhamadullinPITTSBURGH Penguins3744
Shane GersichANAHEIM Ducks2896
Shane PintoOTTAWA Senators3353
Shane PrinceST-LOUIS Blues
Shawn BoudriasCAROLINA Huricanes31147
Shawn LalondeANAHEIM Ducks
Sheldon DriesNEW YORK Rangers31128
Simon FernholmTORONTO Maple Leafs2096
Simon HolmstromNEW JERSEY Devils3330
Simon StranskyCAROLINA Huricanes2888
Simond LundmarkVEGAS Golden Knights3370
Slava DeminCOLORADO Avalanche31106
Slava VoynovMONTREAL Canadiens
Spencer FooOTTAWA Senators2964
Spencer KnightOTTAWA Senators338
Stelio MatheosNEW YORK Islanders2982
Stephen DesrocherCAROLINA Huricanes2559
Stephen DhillonVANCOUVER Canucks28105
Stephen WeissMINNESOTA Wild
Tanner DickinsonWINNIPEG Jets
Tanner LaczynskiCHICAGO Blackhawks2868
Tarmo ReunanenLOS ANGELES Kings2899
Tate OlsonCALGARY Flames2667
Teemu HartikainenOTTAWA Senators
Teemu PulkkinenCOLORADO Avalanche
Theodor LennstromCALGARY Flames
Theodore NiederbachNEW YORK Islanders
Thimo NicklVEGAS Golden Knights
Thomas BordeleauDETROIT Red Wings3426
Thomas GregoireMONTREAL Canadiens28106last pick y 28
Thomas HarleyMONTREAL Canadiens3326
Tim McGauleyCHICAGO Blackhawks25104
Tim SoderlundCHICAGO Blackhawks29146
Tim StutlzeBOSTON Bruins
Tobias BjörnfotST-LOUIS Blues3324
Tobias GeisserANAHEIM Ducks29180
Todd BurgessPHILADELPHIA Flyers2749
Tomas VomackaARIZONA Coyotes29167
Toni UtunenTORONTO Maple Leafs31160
Topi NiemelaARIZONA Coyotes
Trevor KuntarVEGAS Golden Knights
Trevor ZegrasNEW YORK Islanders339
Trey Fix-WolanskyNASHVILLE Predators33160
Tristen RobinsARIZONA Coyotes
Troy BourkeNEW JERSEY Devils
Troy RutkowskiANAHEIM Ducks
Tuuka TieksolaCOLORADO Avalanche33139
Ty DellandreaNEW YORK Islanders3123
Ty EmbersonPITTSBURGH Penguins3181
Ty LewisNEW YORK Islanders31162
Ty SmilanicTORONTO Maple Leafs
Ty SmithOTTAWA Senators3112
Tyce ThompsonARIZONA Coyotes
Tyler BensonCOLORADO Avalanche2815
Tyler BunzVANCOUVER Canucks
Tyler InamotoVANCOUVER Canucks29140
Tyler KelleherOTTAWA Senators
Tyler KlevenCHICAGO Blackhawks
Tyler MaddenBOSTON Bruins3179
Tyler MoyVANCOUVER Canucks29150
Tyler ParsonsCAROLINA Huricanes2823
Tyler SteengerbenMONTREAL Canadiens2895
Tyler TuckerVANCOUVER Canucks
Tyler TullioWASHINGTON Capitals
Tyler WallMINNESOTA Wild2882
Tyler WeissST-LOUIS Blues31155
Tyrell GoulbourneWASHINGTON Capitals
Tyson BaillieOTTAWA Senators2454
Tyson FoersterNEW JERSEY Devils
Vaclav KarabacekNEW YORK Rangers2323
Vadim ShipashyovVANCOUVER Canucks2734
Valentin NussbaumerWINNIPEG Jets33157
Valtteri PuustinenARIZONA Coyotes
Vasili PodkolzinCOLORADO Avalanche3315
Vasily PonomarevARIZONA Coyotes
Veeti VainioST-LOUIS Blues2532
Vetti MiettinenNEW JERSEY Devils
Victor BerglundARIZONA Coyotes33186
Viktor SoderstromCALGARY Flames3319
Vitali AbramovOTTAWA Senators2717
Vitali KravtsovNEW YORK Rangers3114
Vladimir BobylevNEW YORK Rangers2891
Vladislav FirstovBOSTON Bruins3338
Vladislav GavrikovANAHEIM Ducks2440
Vladislav KaraWINNIPEG Jets29113
Vladislav KotkovOTTAWA Senators31119
Vladislav KoyachonokMONTREAL Canadiens3367
Vladislav YeryomenkoCAROLINA Huricanes31123
Wade AllisonOTTAWA Senators2830
Will BittenMONTREAL Canadiens2829
William CuylleARIZONA Coyotes
William DufourVEGAS Golden Knights
William LockwoodEDMONTON Oilers2841
William PelletierCHICAGO Blackhawks29120
William VilleneuveOTTAWA Senators
William WallinderTAMPA BAY Lightning
Wouter PeetersCALGARY Flames2774
Wyatt KaiserARIZONA Coyotes
Xavier BernardWINNIPEG Jets31100
Xavier SimoneauVEGAS Golden Knights33158
Yan KuznetsovARIZONA Coyotes
Yanni KaldiNEW YORK Rangers
Yaroslav AskarovTAMPA BAY Lightning
Yaroslav KosovWASHINGTON Capitals2071
Yegor ChinakhovCHICAGO Blackhawks
Yegor SharangovichEDMONTON Oilers31185
Yegor SokolovNEW JERSEY Devils
Yegor SpiridonovCOLORADO Avalanche33103
Yegor ZamulaNEW YORK Islanders
Zach SawchenkoCOLORADO Avalanche2887
Zach WhitecloudOTTAWA Senators3183
Zachary GallantPITTSBURGH Penguins2980
Zachary jonesNASHVILLE Predators3356
Zayde WisdomLOS ANGELES Kings
Zion NybeckWINNIPEG Jets
jamison reesCALGARY Flames3341
sebastian vidmarOTTAWA Senators2890
ville heinolaST-LOUIS Blues3322