Meilleur 10 Statistiques des Gardiens Pro En Ordre Descendant Par Win - Matchs Joués Minimum: 38

Astuces sur les Filtres (Anglais seulement)
1| or  OR Logical "or" (Vertical bar). Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the bar
2 &&  or  AND Logical "and". Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the operator.
3/\d/Add any regex to the query to use in the query ("mig" flags can be included /\w/mig)
4< <= >= >Find alphabetical or numerical values less than or greater than or equal to the filtered query
5! or !=Not operator, or not exactly match. Filter the column with content that do not match the query. Include an equal (=), single (') or double quote (") to exactly not match a filter.
6" or =To exactly match the search query, add a quote, apostrophe or equal sign to the beginning and/or end of the query
7 -  or  to Find a range of values. Make sure there is a space before and after the dash (or the word "to")
8?Wildcard for a single, non-space character.
8*Wildcard for zero or more non-space characters.
9~Perform a fuzzy search (matches sequential characters) by adding a tilde to the beginning of the query
10textAny text entered in the filter will match text found within the column
# Nom du Gardien Nom de l'ÉquipeGP W L OTL PCT GAA MP PIM SO GA SA SAR A EG PS % PSA ST BG S1 S2 S3
1Jordan BinningtonST-LOUIS Blues78472190.9102.51464164194215013400.72540780724
2Pekka RinneOTTAWA Senators72442080.9182.524355107183223116200.846137201142
3Carey PriceMONTREAL Canadiens73432550.9182.4144056517721480120.545117321161
4Darcy KuemperTAMPA BAY Lightning74411990.9052.69403743181189726210.72429742741
5Robin LehnerTORONTO Maple Leafs76402880.9132.56449885192220310300.78642761945
6Marc-Andre FleuryLOS ANGELES Kings69392150.9002.8039292218318280030.76913697422
7Matt MurrayPITTSBURGH Penguins64391650.9202.4136882314818440110.818226114675
8Mike SmithVANCOUVER Canucks68382280.9122.574046106173195615200.762216881141
9Martin JonesCHICAGO Blackhawks65372260.9102.4538162815617340300.818116511872
10Sergei BobrovskyPHILADELPHIA Flyers76372980.9052.59428210618519380020.68716760833